We have traveled throughout many regions and countries but our “North” has never stopped fascinating us. Once you reach the border of Jizera Mountains and Krkonoše Mountains you get to breath in the beauty of the woods. Once you stop at our place you get to see the Harrachov’s “Mamutí můstek” and you know you will be “home” for your stay at our place. Even though our apartments are right at the main road, huge garden on the other side at the house will be peaceful oasis.

Total capacity of our apartment house is 14 regular beds and 3 extra beds in 4 apartments.

Korenov apartments 

You can choose from four apartments. The smallest is ideal for singles or couple and the biggest can accommodate up to 6 people and you get to sit by your personal fireplace. Come and enjoy the sound of burning wood, leave everything behind and just relax.  Are you a group? We can accommodate up to 17 people and during the summer we can get you a tent in the garden. Our garden is so big everybody will find “their corner” there if needed a privacy. You can relax by the pool during the summer and play at the kids playground with the sled. Bring your guitar and sing a few songs by the outside fireplace. There is a huge terrace where you can see the Harrachov and the beautiful sky covered with stars during the night.Do you like to fish? Or do you just like eating fresh fish? You can catch your own trout in our fish pond for your convenience. Don’t forget to bring lemons and butter.


Sauna is ready to go all year round with the outside shower. During the winter time there is a cold tub with a freezing water and if the conditions are just right when it comes to snow you know what to do…



We have build a new bar place under the terrace. There is a keg of beer or you can bring your own. Bar is equipped with a fridge, small kitchen table and there is enough plates, glasses, etc. for your barbeque garden party preparation. There is a fireplace so just step outside, grab a few wood logs, sit down and enjoy a hot tea with a rum. Enjoy… 



There is an outside grill with a chimney that will be a great help to finish up your refreshment. We catch ourselves at the food store picking up “a few things” for barbeque and our shopping cart always ends up full. There are briquettes and coals so you just need to bring a few czech coins and bills.